Jamie L. Pants (jamievw) wrote,
Jamie L. Pants


so the service went well and just like i told everyone I DIDN'T CRACK! there were a few weepy moments but the highlight of the day happened after. back at the bread face house. for those of you that dont know the bread faces are my brother and his wife along with baby pants. they are named that because bread face girl likes to put bread on her face because it's soft. so we are sitting around and looking at old photos. we've been doing this all week but now we had half the family there so we could get some questions answered. one of the big questions we had was WHO IS THIS NEGROID HOLDING JOHN?!! before i was born my brother was being held by a black who had a white wife and two oreo babies. so i ask my mom who this guy is and she says THAT'S JOHN'S GODFATHER!! so mister bread face girl was out of the room at the time and i told BFG that she has to be the one to tell him. i motion him over saying your wife has something to tell you and BFG goes YOU KNOW THE BLACK IN THE PIC? THAT'S YOUR GODFATHER! PIMPIN AINT EASY!!! hahahaha. ok i think that's it for now but i got so many more stories that are just too wacky.

oh wait. i forgot one thing. Mr. BFG was aking my mom who this guy is. what's him name. where is he. my mom said they had lost contact with them. then she said well your dad would remember their names so i go IT'S A LITTLE LATE TO ASK HIM!! haha. good times. i love that i can laugh with my family. so yeah everything is fine now i just need time to get things in order and stuff.

hearts and farts to you all

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