Jamie L. Pants (jamievw) wrote,
Jamie L. Pants

a personal letter to a complete stranger

Dear Najiba Sarkis,

I writing you to express my sincere apology. My loving and caring mother received your voicemail last night but unfortunately she wasn't the "motherfuck at eleven o'clock" who was "calling to bothering people". My saintly mother was much too busy taking care of this special little girl who has touched all of our lives. She was very busy dressing Baby Pants up in various outfits so my very good internet friends could see the cutest baby on the internet dressed up in her new SUPER PUMPKINFROG holloween costume. I assure you that no one called your house in Michigan at 11pm EST/8pm PST. I wasn't even sure where Michigan was until I looked it up on the internet LOL :D

I am very sorry that you were unable to find these motherfucks that have the gall to make a phonecall so late at night. I completely understand your frustration and anger being woke by a ringing telephone. I blame the telephone company and manufacturers for not creating some kind of off switch. I'm writing them a letter next. Hey maybe you could call them up!? Haha! That's be so funny :d

In closing, I'd like to do my part to help you on this crusade against late calling motherfucks (who are not mothers((because mom's only love you))). I understand that everyone in Michigan is busy right now with those hurricaranas and whatnot. If any livejournal friends want to join our cause please contact one of the following people

Najiba Sarkis
33255 Breckenridge Dr.
Sterling Heights, MI
(586) 939-3142 (no bothering motherfucks please)


Jamie Louise Pants
The Internet, IE
via the internet
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