Jamie L. Pants (jamievw) wrote,
Jamie L. Pants


i'm writing this entry on my dad's computer that i have brought to work because fatboss has locked the work computer so ONLY NIGHT SHIFT cant get the internet. that makes me happy. why would you piss off the people who work for you when you are sleeping? don't they realize that if we are not doing the job well that they get woke up? oh well. doesn't matter anymore. this is my last shift. 11 hours from now i am a free man. i've been working the 9 days OF DOOM covering for rayray's vacation. i was told that he went to mexico on a TREASURE HUNT. that makes me happy. i guess the mexican people would mine for gold and silver and whatnot and when they found something they would build a house over it to hide it. one of rayray's relatives told him there is silver under some house so he went down there to find his family treasure. i don't know if he found it. i forgot to ask him. i'll just tell myself he found the motherlode and will be rich. that makes me happy. so i called rayray and asked him to work for me the next two weeks. i have two weeks of vacation left to take this year. he said no problem. rayray has always covered for me when i asked and i tried to do the same. he is a good man. that makes me happy. tomatoface called me last night and asked if i was sure i want to do this. i said yes. he said he got my letter but later told me he wanted me to stay "a week or so" until they could find a replacement. if he had read the letter he would have known that i said my termination date would be 9/6. silly tomatoface. he called tonight. he said "PANTS". he always calls me by my last name which i find rude but whatevs. so he says "PANTS, I'M GONNA MISS YA". so much for thinking the company is going to throw money at me to get me to stay. not that i would. i guess in some way i want to think that the company thought i was a an important part of the "team" and i used quotes for team because in this location there is no team. maybe it's just ego. i want them to have a hard time replacing me so they can see in hindsight that i was a valuable employee. that may be shallow and petty but it's how i feel. payback for the way they treated me even though i'm to blame because i let them treat me bad while repeting my mantra WHATEVER IS GOOD FOR THE COMPANY. a wise man once told me something that at the time i didn't understand. it confused me. it was back when i was a manager with this company. i got the job because my old boss was leaving and for once i stood up and said I WANT THIS JOB! the owner of the company saw something in me and said he would give it to me on a trial basis. i think it was 3 or 6 months. whatever it was my "trial basis" went about two months longer than it was suposed to. one day the owner came in and said the words. "pants", again with the last name but differnet person, "pants, you got the job. you are getting a raise, a car allowance and a gas card." then the wise words from the wise man. "FUCK YOU! HORAY FOR ME!" i was dumbfounded as he turned and left. i've told this story to a few people and they were like "HUH?!!?". that was my reaction too. but i've used that line many times. and i don't think i understand what he was trying to say that day but i know this. today i can say to him that his words of wisdom have never been truer. today i can say, with all honesty, that i get it. fuck you! horay for me! that makes me happy. happier than if been in a long long time. so i pass these words. from a boss. from a mentor. when you lose hope. when you are sad. when you just don't know what to do. take these words. they worked for me.

fuck you!

horay for me!
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